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  • Summer Assignments 2016

    Social Studies

    AP Euro - pick up textbook: A History of Western Society and the map packet.

    AP Euro Instructions

    AP US History - pick up textbook: American History, a Survey.

    See the AP US History website for complete instructions for the summer assignment.



    AP Biology - pick up textbook: Campbell's Biology.

    AP Biology Assignment

    AP Biology - Instructions for Taking Notes

    AP Chemistry - pick up textbook: Zumdahl.

    AP Chemistry Assignment

    AS Chemistry - pick up textbook: Modern Chemistry.

    AS Chemistry assignment

    AP Environmental Science - pick up textbook Environment: the Science Behind the Stories and packet.

    AP Environmental Science Assignment

    AP Physics C assignment

    AS Physics assignment



    Summer Reading Assignments for English

    AS English I Summer Packet



    Welcome to AP Computer Science! - 2016-17


    It's important to have a working knowledge of the basics of programming, so we're going to do a self-paced lesson from the Khan Academy. Please attempt all of the lessons in the link below. I will ask you to email me a screen shot showing the completed lessons during the first week of school. If you get stuck, you can ask me questions during that first week. Or you can email me over the summer at:

    Finish all lessons in Khan Academy's "Intro to JS: Drawing and Animation:"

    AP Computer Science Principles

    No summer assignment


    Foreign Language

    Students are responsible for obtaining from Ms. Besse all materials before the end of the school year. 2016-17 students are responsible for the following:

    1. Over the summer, students will master the vocabulary for Caesar I.1-7. If student has not taken the quizzes before the end of the current school year, he will take them immediately upon return in August.

    2. Students must read and annotate the handout on Julius Caesar and Gaul.

    3. Students must learn the translation for de Bello Gallico I.1-7. They should expect a translation test within the first week.

    4. Students will submit all homework pertaining Book I.1-7 upon return in August.

    5. Students must read (in English) Book I of de Bello Gallico. They will take a reading test on this material within the first week of school.



    AP Art Summer Assignment Instructions

    AP Art Self-Critique

    AP Art Assignment #1

    AP Art Assignment #2

    AP Art Assignment #3

    Studio Art Web Links