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    Elizabethan England and The Renaissance

    Bubonic Plague and Shakespeare

    Class System in Shakespeare's Time (Infotrac - SRC)

    Clothing in Shakespeare's Time (Infotrac - SRC)

    Courtship (Internet Shakespeare Editions)

    Crime and Punishment (

    Crime and Punishment in Elizabethan England (Eyewitness to History)

    Crime and the Law (Internet Shakespeare Editions)

    Daily Life in the Elizabethan Era (Library Links - WHC)

    Elizabethan Age (National Endowment for the Arts)

    Elizabethan Attitudes: An Anthology (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.)

    Elizabethan Costume Page

    Elizabethan England (Shakespeare Resource Center)

    Elizabethan Theater (National Endowment for the Arts)

    Elizabethan Theatres - The Globe Theatre (

    Entertainment in Shakespeare's Time (Infotrac - SRC)

    Globe Theatre - An Overview

    Life in Elizabethan England) Love and Marriage

    Male Gender Roles in Shakespeare's Renaissance

    Marriage (Internet Shakespeare Editions)

    Marriage and Family in Shakespeare's England (The Newberry Library)

    The Plague (In Search of Shakespeare, PBS)

    The Plague (Internet Shakespeare Editions)

    Religious Life in the Elizabethan Era (

    The Renaissance (Annenberg Lerner)

    Renaissance Sites and Elizabethan Resources (includes Costumes and Textiles, Music, Song, and Dance, and Games and Pastimes)

    Shakespeare's World/Stage

    Social Structure - Elizabethan Era (The Historical Association)

    Status of Women in Shakespeare's Time (Infotrac - SRC)

    Worst Diseases in Shakespeare's London (Shakespeare Online)


    Shakespeare - Shakespeare

    Absolute Shakespeare

    English Renaissance in Context - Multimedia Tutorials for Shakespeare

    Folger Shakespeare Library

    Frontline: The Shakespeare Mystery - William Shakespeare

    Internet Shakespeare Editions (University of Victoria)

    Revisiting Shakespeare and Gender (Virginia Tech)

    Shakespeare and Religion (Infotrac - SRC)

    The Shakespeare Authorship Page

    Shakespeare Illustrated (Emory University)

    National Endowment for the Arts - Shakespeare

    The Shakespeare Law Library

    Shakespeare Online

    Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship - Discover Shakespeare

    Shakespeare Resource Center

    Types of Female Characters in Shakespeare


    Shakespeare's Works Online

    Internet Shakespeare Editions

    The Online Books Page

    OpenSource Shakespeare

    The Oxford Shakespeare

    Project Gutengberg

    The Furness Shakespeare Library (University of Pennsylvania)

    Shakespeare's Monologues


    Aditional Resources

    British Library Online Gallery

    Google Advanced Book Search



    More Shakespeare...

    Did William Shakespeare Really Invent All those Words?

    How Shakespeare Are You?

    Phrases from Shakespeare

    Shakespeare Curse Generator